About Kest Technology

With over 25 years of experience from the international Pharmaceutical industry, KEST Technology has developed a range of innovative high-quality components with the user in focus. Our passion at Kest is to find robust and user-friendly solutions of highest quality.

Environment – A part of our values

Kest is certified according to ISO 14001. The environment is the future of our kids and life in general on this planet, for Kest, working towards a better environment was never a question to do or not, it was rather a question on how to be efficient and finding good tools – the answer was to find in ISO14001. See our environment policy below.

Kest Environment Policy

In its operations, Kest Technology AB shall comply with environmental legislation in order to protect nature and the environment.

We will be a company that pursues active environmental work both in terms of operations and our products.

Our own environmental work and our environmental management system are developed through continuous improvements.

All employees must be educated and in their daily work are responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is followed.


The quality work at Kest Technology is the heart of the business and a mean to ensure our customers that we are the right component provider for them. Kest is certified according to ISO9001, see our quality policy below.

Kest Quality policy

Kest Technology AB are to trust us as a professional supplier of aseptic components.

Our strength is our product range together with our product knowledge, which means that we can serve our customers to the choice of product based on the area of use.

We construct and let make couplings and magnetic stirrers.

We provide goods at the right time, in the right place and with promised quality.

Our activities are subject to applicable statutory requirements.

Our quality work and quality management system are developed through continuous improvement.