Download of Mixer CAD Models


Below you will find 3D-models (Compressed STEP-files) of the Kest-Mixer range containing KMS, KM & RM product lines, download the desired size.

In order to use the STEP-file you need to uncompress the zip file.

This model library is a simplified version of Kest-Mixers. The intended use of this library is for engineers to incorporate the models in their designs, all dimensions that interfaces the design and all outer dimensions is accurate, details like radius internal groves and so on has been simplified to reduce the file size.
This model library is not intended for production or manufacturing of Kest-Mixers. Kest-Mixer design is the proprietary of Kest Technology AB in Sweden, for more information visit our webpage

Kest-Mixer KMS

Download KMS0/3 (STEP-file)

Download KMS3/7 (STEP-file)

Download KMS7/20 (STEP-file)


Kest-Mixer KM

Download KM0/3 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM0/3 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM3/7 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM3/7 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM7/20 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM7/20 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM20/70 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM20/70 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM70/120 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM70/120 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM120/230 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM120/230 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM230/600 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM230/600 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM600/1300 – L0 (STEP-file)

Download KM600/1300 – L1 (STEP-file)

Download KM1300/2200 – L1 (STEP-file)


Kest-Mixer RM

Download RM01 (Step-File)

Download RM03 (Step-File)

Download RM06 (Step-File)


How to assemble the Kest-Mixer.

Make surface A (se picture above) concentric to the hole in the tank/vessel where you going to install the mixer. Make top edge of Surface A aligned with the inside surface of the bottom of the tank/vessel B (see picture above).


Legal Notice

The model library is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Kest Technology AB or Kest Technology Inc. Kest Technology AB or Kest Technology Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in those models. This model library is believed to be complete and accurate at the time of publication. In no event shall Kest Technology AB or Kest Technology Inc. be liable for incidental or consequential damages in connection with or arising from the use of those models.