Everything we’ve learned.

In one extraordinary mixer range.

When developing our ProFlow line of mixers we applied everything we learned from 30 years in the mixer and pharmaceuticals industries. The result is the best mixer we ever built.

Get to know ProFlow

We bring flow to your mixing process.

Our mixers and components have one purpose: to make your mixing process flow. 24/7. To ensure predictable and compliant results. To minimize maintenance. To minimize waste. To minimize energy use. To maximize the value cretaed by your mixing process.

What it means for your business

Our mixers are engineered to secure full product compliancy, optimize product recovery and to reduce down time. That will minimize risks and costs, every day.

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  • Less time spent on maintenance

    Patented tehnology, superior build quality and our range of smart features increase uptime and minimize maintenance.

  • Full product recovery

    The unique design and customization properties Kest mixers allows for mixing to the last drop and full product recovery.

  • Reduced carbon footprint & Lower energy bills

    Kest mixers use the latest technology, design and propulsion to minimize energy consumption during operation of the mixer.

Industrial applications

We provide a wide array of durable, precision mixers and tank components for aseptic, reliable pharmaceuticals and food & beverage production.

Pharma production

Kest Mixers are installed at a large number of pharma sites, across the globe. Their robustness and design helps pharmaceutcal producers mitigate risks in the production chain by ensuring stringent regulatory compliance, bringing unparalelled service and product quality and facilitating cost efficienct production.

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Food &

Producing food and beverages requires high levels of quality controll, consistency and compliancy with rules and regulations. Our mixers help secure your production and make both maintenance and sampling easy and non disruptive. Learn more about how F&B producers benefit from using our mixers.

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Kest was very responsive and turned things around in minimal time.

Ken Meyer, Supervisor Tank & Vessel Estimating, A&B Process Systems, USA

10000+ active installations

The Kest product range is today proven technology fine tuned to perfection. Our mixers and components provide over 10000 customers with easy-to-use and reliable installations with perfect results every day. Our connections are standardized at many production facilities due to reliability and time savings.