Why Kest

Kest gives pharma and food & beverage producers peace of mind. Our high precision mixers and tank components are built for excellence, longevity and easy maintenance.

Superior quality

Our products offer robust functionality with technically advanced solutions built on 30 years of experience. To continuously ensure flawless quality and sustainability we are certified according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015

Quick and flexible

In projects, timing is everything, we take pride in fast responses and high delivery precision. We know the value of flexibility and offer a wide range of customizations.

User friendly

At Kest Technology we believe that perfect functionality is just not enough. Our philosophy is that products shall also be easy to handle and quick to service in order to minimize down time and maximize production outcome.

10000+ installations

The Kest product range is today proven technology fine tuned to perfection. Our mixers and components provide over 10000 customers with easy-to-use and reliable installations with perfect results every day. Our connections are standardized at many production facilities due to reliability and time savings.