Kest provides a wide array of durable, precision mixers and tank components for aseptic, reliable pharmaceuticals and food & beverage production.

What to chose?

Kest-Lock Snap

The Kest-Lock Snap is a state of the art quick connection for TriClamp equipment. The split rings are spring loaded, this helps the operation to keep the TriClamp equipment in place towards the gasket while tightening the locking bolt. This coupling is used for applications where you will disconnect equipment more regularly.

Kest-Lock Basic

The Kest-Lock Basic is a state of the art quick connection for TriClamp equipment. It has no lose parts and ensures quick installation and removal of TriClamp equipment. This coupling is used for applications there you will disconnect equipment less frequently.


The Kest-Lock contains one split ring, basic or snap type and one weld-in flange. You place the gasket in the weld-in part and connect your TriClamp device or tube, the snap version will help you to hold the TriClamp device in place while you are tightening the locking device.

Weld-in parts

The Kest-Lock range contains of several different weld-in parts. Those can also be customized to fit your needs. We can deliver different materials and do custom designs.

Prepared for pressure

The Kest-Lock is machined from a solid bar. The design is FEM analyzed to comply with PED and ASME pressure vessel code.

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