Kest provides a wide array of durable, precision mixers and tank components for aseptic, reliable pharmaceuticals and food & beverage production.

Which mixer should I choose?

General blending – Downstream

If you have a critical application that demands general blending such as blending two miscible liquids or keeping a suspension the ProFlow or KMS is your perfect choice, the ProFlow range reaches up to 1200 Liter and is the successor of the KMS line. Those mixers can also be used if your company have environment requirements to reduce your carbon footprint – they can reduce energy consumption with up to 80% compared to AC induction motors.

General blending – Upstream

If you have a critical application that demands general blending of higher volumes such as blending two miscible liquids or keeping a suspension the KM range is your perfect choice, the KM range reaches up to 22 000 Liter. The KM range is also available in an explosion prof ATEX version.

High-intensity mixing

If you have an application that demands a more vigorous flow pattern like when you have a powder that is floating/lumping and need a light dispersion, the RM range is your perfect choice. The RM range has a mixing head with small wings and higher rotation speed, this is a way of injecting more energy into the tank. The RM range reaches up to 8000 L and are available in an explosion prof ATEX version.

Need support?

If you need assistance to choose a mixer, need a customization or want to retrofit an existing tank plate – never hesitate to contact us, we are here to guide you. Navigate to the contact page and fill in the contact form or further down you can find contact details to your local distributor.

Why a Kest Mixer?

The Kest mixers is a range of magnetic coupled mixers for pharma and aseptic food and beverage applications. The aseptic design is allowing the mixer to be cleaned in place and sterilized in place (CIP/SIP). The tank gets equipped with a tank plate that is welded into the tank, this eliminates any risk of contamination from the outside environment. The placement of the mixer in the bottom of the tank in combination with the bearing design enables for low volume mixing and mixing to the last drop to ensure full product recovery.

Robust bearing – ZERO particle shedding

The robust bearing combination of Zirconium and SiC and the fine-tuned geometry, ensures no particle shedding in your media. The higher bending strength of the zirconium material enabled us to do the male bearing in one solid piece, this optimizes the aseptic design and increase the robustness and low wear property. The bearings are tested for particle generation according to USP<788> by an independent test institute – no particles could be detected.

Total integrity of the tank

The Kest Mixer Tank plate is machined from a solid bar. The design is FEM analyzed to comply with PED and ASME pressure vessel code. The Tank Plate is welded into the tank and creates a solid barrier with no risk of allowing contamination of the media inside the tank.

Minimize downtime

The drive unit is equipped with our patented Kest-Lock connection that ensures quick disconnection from the tank plate during maintenance. When you put the drive unit back on the tank plate, the spring closed Kest-Lock helps the operator to hold the drive unit in place when tightening the screw to lock it in place.

Talk to an expert!

Do you need assistance to find the best fit for your business? Or do you need some customization? Talk directly with one of our engineers – we are here to help!

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