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Kest-Sampling Unit

Kest-Sampling Unit, for tanks and pipes with TC ferrule connection

The Kest- Sample is a sampling device which enables sampling at controlled conditions. The sampling unit consists of a holder with ports for 8 samples.

The design of the sampling unit secures self- sealing of the sampling membrane after each penetration, and the complete unit is designed for CIP/SIP applications.

The sampling membrane is to be penetrated by a hypodermic needle, which is to be connected with a hose to a sampling bag or bottle, for collection of the sampled liquid.

Each penetration position is only to be penetrated once, when all 8 ports has been penetrated, the membrane in the sample unit is replaced by a quick and simple operation.

The Kest- Sample system is designed to be fitted to a standard TC- ferrule, ISO 2852.

The Kest- Sample unit is designed for use in ATEX Zone I 2G

Kest – Sampling unit datasheet

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